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It’s back to school shopping season again, and this year’s shopping list could make a bigger dent in your wallet.

The high tech classroom is one reason for higher prices.

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), spending is up 10%, with electronics a big chunk of that increase.

“More than half of parents are actually planning to buy tablets or laptops for the back to school season,” said Ana Smith of the NRF.

Experts say it’s best to take an inventory of local and resale resources before forking over full-price in  big-box stores.

Websites like Best Buy Trade-In or Gazelle could save you hundreds on electronics like tablets. A broken phone or old laptop trade-in could lower your costs on your child’s checklist.

Experts say it’s best to compare prices online, especially as most retailers offer price-matching with competitors.

Best Buy and Target will match prices for items found on Amazon.

“You also want to look for things like mail-in rebates anyway that you can stack other savings on. This is one of the best times of year to do that,” said Brent Shelton of

Industry insiders say websites like Retail Me Not offer coupons and additional savings for savvy shoppers. They also recommend using rebates to save on overall costs.

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