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BENGALURU: In view of increasing demand for smooth transportation of organs—there is at least one request every 15 days—the city traffic police have appointed a special nodal officer for managing green corridors.

Bengaluru has emerged as a major hub for organ transplants along with cities like Chennai with several green corridors created in the past few years. Every time such a corridor needs to be created, the hospitals concerned contact police who then put in place a plan.

Bengaluru traffic police, who have transported a live heart over 350 km to Chennai in just two hours, will now have a senior ACP rank officer in-charge of all green corridor movements.

“It generally involves multiple officers and personnel from different jurisdictions. For example, if an organ needs a green corridor from Columbia Asia Hospital on Bellari Road to Fortis on Bannerghatta Road, we will need to involve more than one ACPs and many police stations. It requires a lot of coordination,” a senior officer said.

With the new decision, the ACP will be empowered to work across jurisdictions. “The ACP will be responsible for green corridors and will be a one-point contact for all hospitals, the transplantation coordination committee, donor and all other stakeholders involved in the process,” additional commissioner of police R Hitendra said. The need for streamlining was felt with the increasing frequency of such corridors, he added.

Traffic police, who are being more pro-active than ever, have also reached out to hospitals in the city and other stakeholders asking them to prepare a draft on the required standard operating procedure (SOP) for green corridors in the future.

One of the first tasks for the nodal officer is to create SOP for green corridors. ACP Kasim Raja, who has been appointed the nodal officer, said: “The proposal is to create clear guidelines for organ transportation, as to what are the priorities and how the process needs to be streamlined. We are taking input from those with medical and administrative knowledge of the organ transplantation and create a procedure for the same,” he said.


October 23, 2016

One of the recent prominent green corridors created for organ transportation was between BGS Global Hospital near Kengeri and Narayana Health (Narayana Hrudayalaya), Hosur Road. The green corridor was set up along the Nice Peripheral Ring Road. The donor was a 30-year-old woman from Datathreya Nagar, Bengaluru, who met with an accident on October 12 on Nice Road. The ambulance, started at 9.36pm, covered 34km in 32 minutes to reach Narayana Health.

February 13, 2016

Three patients in Bengaluru got a new lease of life after the liver and kidneys of a brain-dead person were transported from Mysuru to the state capital via 144-km green corridor. The family of 38-year-old Sriman Narayana of Mysuru decided to donate his organs after he was declared brain-dead after a road accident. The liver and kidneys were transported from JSS Hospital in Mysuru to Bengaluru in 2.5 hours.

December 20, 2015

The entire 38-km stretch between BGS Hospital in Uttarahalli and Narayana Health City at Electronics City was converted into a green corridor to transport the heart of a 17-year-old youth. The ambulance left BGS Hospital at 11am; over a 100 policemen were deputed at every junction to ensure the ambulance reached the destination without any hassle. Their efforts paid off as the vehicle reached Narayana Health City in just 25 minutes.

September 3, 2014

Doctors, traffic police and airport officials in Bengaluru and Chennai transported a live heart over 350km in just two hours. This was the first time an inter-state heart transplant was attempted. A 55-km stretch from BGS Global Hospital, Kengeri in south Bengaluru to Kempegowda International Airport in north Bengaluru turned into a signal-free corridor between 2.10pm and 2.55pm. For 45 minutes, this corridor opened up like a red carpet for the live heart being transported on Air India flight AI 264 which took off from KIA at 3.22pm.

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