Greener BeeGreen ElectronicsBring old medicine, electronics to Go Green Event

Tomorrow’s the day to recycle old medicine, electronics, or empty ink cartridges you don’t want anymore.

Anyone can take their old electronics, personal documents for shredding, or empty ink cartridges to properly recycle them.

Albany and Dougherty County police will also be taking old pills and medicine and immediately burning them.

KADB says it’s a free way to properly dispose unwanted items.

“This is wonderful free event that offers our citizens a environmentally correct way to dispose of items that they no longer want, it saves land field space and everything is a win win for all of us,” says executive director of KADB, Judy Bowles.

Keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful is hosting their annual Go Green event from 9 A.M. to  1 P.M. in the parking lot behind the Civic Center.

Keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful is charging $10 if you drop off old TV sets.

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