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DUWELL (Duke University Wellness Center) and the Divinity School Dean’s Office recently earned the Duke Green Workplace Certification bringing the total to 64 certified workplaces and over 1,450 staff working in green workplaces. The Green Workplace Certification recognizes work areas that formally assess how they are reducing their environmental footprint.

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Staff who attend the Leading for Environmental Sustainability workshop are able to complete the certification checklist with their department. More information about the Green Workplace Certification and how to register for the workshop can be found here.

DUWELL earned certification for 7 staff members by completing 41 out of 58 items on the Duke Green Workplace checklist.  The group has found creative ways to incorporate sustainability messaging into their existing programming.  For instance, they held a Sustainable Wellness Event in March which covered many areas of wellness, including environmental sustainability.  In the workplace, staff turn off lights and electronics to save energy, purchase recycled content office supplies when possible and encourage staff and visitors to use alternative transportation. 

The Divinity School Dean’s Office completed 42 out of 58 checklist items, earning certification for four staff members.  Staff use video conferencing and conference calls to avoid travel when possible, minimize water use in kitchens and bathrooms, and recycle all traditional items as well as ink cartridges and electronics. Working with their housekeeper, the office has reduced plastic waste by leaving liners that do not need to be replaced in their trash bins and only vacuuming when necessary. The office has worked with Facilities Management to reduce the overhead lighting in the Dean’s suite so that they are able to use lamps with compact fluorescent light bulbs instead.

Duke’s Office of Sustainability administers the Duke Green Workplace Certification, which begins when a representative from a work area attends the free “Leading for Environmental Sustainability” workshop. As part of the workshop, participants receive a checklist of sustainable practices ranging from double-sided printing to using eco-friendly dishwashing soap in a break room. A work area that can demonstrate it follows at least 40 of the checklist’s 58 items can apply for certification and permission to post the Duke Green Workplace seal in its office and on materials.

View a complete list of certified offices and the actions they completed to earn certification.

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