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Year after year, we rush out to buy the newest smartphones, tablets and other electronics. But what do you do with the old stuff?

E-cycling, or electronic recycling, is an option most consumers do not know about.

It allows you to recycle your old electronic gadgets, rather than just letting them sit in a landfill.

The Consumer Technology Association announced Monday a year-long pilot program.

It found that a majority of Nebraskans want to recycle their electronics, but don’t know where or how.

So the organization wants change that by getting information out, making drop off sites more accessible, and the entire process more sustainable.

That’s where private partners like Dell, VIZIO and Best Buy come into play.

“These are companies that are actively engaged, that are bringing recyclers, basically hiring recyclers and paying for recycling of these electronics as they come in,” said Walter Alcorn, with CTA.

Also involved are local government agencies and charities.

And for the less environmentally conscious, there are practical benefits as well.

Nebraska Sen. Heath Mello said, “With electronic waste being one of the largest streams of waste going into city, county and municipal landfills, property taxpayers are paying for that cost whether they like it or not.”

If you have old electronics you would like to get rid of, you can find a list of recycling locations at

Organizers recommend calling first to make sure there are not restrictions or fees for your item.

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