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MITSUBISHI Electric in the Philippines, a subsidiary of Japanese electronics powerhouse Mitsubishi, is serious in promoting green living to Filipinos not only by encouraging the use of environment-friendly appliances but also by adopting eco-friendly operations.

Mitsubishi Electric-Asia Director of Asia Corporate Office Shoichi Suwa recently told the media that the company is aware of the current situation around the world where every business organization should be responsible to the needs of the communities where it is operating.

LAMCOR President Yoshinori Osaka, MEAP-ACO Director of Asia Corporate Office Shoichi Suwa, and IEE President Ramoncito Ocampo

“We believe a company must always practice corporate citizenship to be able to sustain its business,” he said.

In line with its 100th anniversary in 2021, Suwa mentioned Mitsubishi Electric in the Philippines is giving a strong emphasis on sustainability or corporate citizenship that will both benefit the public and the country.

For instance, Mitsubishi Electric is implementing green practices in its manufacturing process of electronics equipment to ensure there will be less impact to the environment.

“We are trying to help the environment by using our best practices in manufacturing,” Suwa explained.

Mitsubishi Electric recently planted 1,000 tree seedlings in Tayak Hills of Rizal, Laguna, as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) program.

The place was chosen because it is a major ecological part of Laguna. Moreover, the hills function as catchment area for rainwater.

Experts believe planting trees on its slopes will prevent soil erosion and preserve the natural flow of ground water. Ground water is vital to the ecosystems, as it provides a reliable level of water flow to streams and lakes. As a result, it protects the properties of the seven lakes around the communities of the town of San Pablo in the said province.

“By planting trees, there would be reduction of carbon dioxide [CO2]from the atmosphere,” the Mitsubishi executive pointed out.

“It is important the water going to the lake is clean because the province has a big fishing and farming industry, too. Furthermore, the people will also tap these bodies of water as sources of their water needs,” the Japanese national emphasized.

“At the same time, we are doing the activity so people can really understand why we are doing this: For society and for our employees,” he added.

“Green company’

BY promoting the environment agenda, Mitsubishi is achieving sustainability in its business and the environment in the long run.

Furthermore, Suwa believes that by being a responsible and socially conscious company, people will trust more and give support to Mitsubishi because it is committed to the preservation of the environment.

Being a “green company”, Suwa said Mitsubishi Electric also inculcates the culture of environmentalism to its workforce so they can also do their share in promoting the advocacy to their respective communities.

Nevertheless, he added pushing the green agenda requires a process, and the company is aware of the challenge.

As far as their products are concerned, Suwa said Mitsubishi is producing air conditioners that require less energy.

“We believe our products cater to good health and a clean environment. We are aiming to be a leading and global green company,” Suwa noted.

In promoting their products to the market, Suwa said Mitsubishi Electric hopes the local market will not just consider the price but their overall impact to the society and the environment.

‘Walk the talk’

THE tree-planting program was done together with the International Elevator and Equipment, Laguna AutoParts Manufacturing, local government units and their Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Offices.

Aside from producing green products for homes and industries, Mitsubishi Electric “walks the talk” in pursuing its green agenda. It raises the efficiency and performance of air-conditioning, lighting and other utility equipment, as well as improves production lines to reduce the amount of CO2 emitted during production and contributes to the creation of a low-carbon footprint society.

Mitsubishi Electric aims to reduce the total carbon emissions from its production by 30 percent.

Suwa pointed out: “This is just a starting point of our CSR [drive].” He said Mitsubishi hopes to replicate the program in different parts of the country later.

“Our aim is to spread awareness on the importance of responsible stewardship of the environment. Tree planting is just one of them. Perhaps later, we can also be involved in cleaning up a beach,” he declared.

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