Greener BeeGreen ElectronicsGreen auto products steal the show of CES 2016

The world’s largest consumer electronics show – CES – continues in Las Vegas. The show has built its name on the latest and greatest technologies to be offered to the world. And one highlight this year is the automobile products.

Going electric!

From the high-end race car to the high-tech family vehicle, green power is making a statement at CES.

The Xcooter is no harder to ride than a bicycle and can hit speeds of 25 kilometers per hour.

It travels up to 24 kilometers on a single four-hour charge.

Other tech utilized vertical space.

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 8, 2016 (Xinhua) — A General Motors Co. Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicle is displayed during the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, the United States, Jan. 7, 2016. (Xinhua/Yang Lei)

Fleye shields it’s propeller, making it safer, and in many ways friendlier – more like a personalized flying robot.

But despite hundreds of drones at CES vying for attention, Chinese company Ehang unveiled one that dwarfed them all.

And the all-electric vehicle is designed to take that person up to 3,500 meters high for a 23-minute journey.

After selecting a flight plan, a passenger just needs to click on the controls twice – once to take-off and once to land.

“It’s absolutely safe because even one rotor, or two propellers, three propellers are not working right This aerial vehicle, still hovers, still flies, still will be able to fly to the nearest landing point, making sure the passenger is safe,” said Derick Xiong, co-founder, Ehang.

At CES, nearly every attendee had at least one virtual experience, whether in a crowd -Or alone.

Using an H-T-C Vive headset and tools, along with the power of Intel processing, animator Matthew Taylor is painting from within his art.

“I could spend a whole day inside of here just making my own world. Yeah, I didn’t want to get out of it, I just wanted to stay. I could do so much. It changed my style in a sense where in animation I’m drawing flat, now I’m thinking geometrically in space. So, I’m doing things different,” she said.

At CES, technology is working to transform society both inside and out.

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