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Green Bay (WQOW) – Packers fans have more than just Sunday’s victory win over the New York Giants to be proud of.

ATT reports in the 2016-2017 Packers season, fans have lit up the Green Bay stadium with their phones and electronics, using nine terabytes (TB) of data. ATT said that’s equal to 24 million selfies. It said Sunday’s game against the Giants had the most mobile usage among fans overall this season, which was 1.2 terabytes of data. 

Green Bay (Press Release) – While all eyes are soon to be on Houston, Texas for pro football’s Big Game, teams across the country are preparing to prove they have what it takes to be champions!

From tailgating to game time, ATT is helping fans share the most exciting playoff moments with friends and family. And this year, ATT saw record-setting data usage on our in-stadium Distributed Antenna System (DAS) networks. Across the country, fans shared each moment in texts, snaps, selfies and social media posts from the stands.

And, The Pack were no exception.

At the stadium in Green Bay this season, fans dominated mobile data usage; using more than 9 TB at home games. That’s equal to 24 million selfies! The game with the most mobile usage took place Jan.8 where things got “Wild” against the Giants. Fans shared every moment, using a total of 1.2 TB of data.

Decked in green and gold, fans are ready to cheer on their team in Dallas—and we’ll be there to make sure they can!

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