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— Use reusable bags when shopping for food, decorations, gifts or anything. Keep them visible in your car or in the purse you carry so you don’t forget them when you shop.

— For parties, meals and gatherings, use reusable utensils and dishes. Give guests leftovers or save them for lunch the next day. Compost what you don’t eat or look for a food scrap drop-off site near you by going to

— Buy local when shopping for gifts this season. Support your downtown businesses!

— Use or purchase LED lights. LEDs use 80 percent less electricity than incandescent bulbs and do not contain mercury found in compact fluorescent bulbs. Efficiency Vermont offers sales on LEDs for the holiday season.

— Worldwide, more than 15 billion batteries are produced and sold each year. Buy rechargeable batteries instead of single use. Both can be recycled at the end of life, but the rechargeables last a lot longer.

— Remember the ARCC! (Additional Recyclables Collection Center, run by the CVSWMD) at 540 N. Main Street, Barre. Dead batteries, electronics, bubble wrap packing material, and up to 40 other items can be recycled for $3 per load. For details go to

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