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Green Irene LLC (,
a company that trains people all over the country to become local
Eco-consultants, helping small businesses and individuals make energy
efficiency and sustainability changes, today announced it has joined the Coalition
For American Electronics Recycling
(CAER), a coalition of U.S.
companies that believe electronics recycling should be performed
securely and sustainably for the benefit of the American economy.

As a member of the Coalition, Green Irene endorses passage of the Responsible
Electronics Recycling Act
, introduced last June. This legislation
prohibits U.S. export of certain electronic waste (e-waste) to
developing countries that lack safeguards to protect the environment and
workers, and supports the expansion of the U.S. recycling industry.

“We are big believers that our e-waste needs to be recycled here in the
USA,” said P.J. Stafford, Co-Founder and CEO of Green Irene, “and our
more than 500 Green Consultants nationwide push this message home to
their clients, both homes and businesses, helping them to become
effective recyclers of electronic waste. The coalition simultaneously
addresses reducing the dumping of toxic e-waste in developing nations
while promoting new jobs via responsible, sustainable recycling
companies here in the US. It’s a big step in the right direction in
terms of reducing the health and environmental dangers associated with
hazardous and toxic chemicals. We’re proud to join in the support of
this legislation.”

With the addition of Green Irene, CAER now includes 54
U.S. companies
involved in all aspects of the domestic electronics
recycling and disposition industry, with more than 100 operations in 32
states as well as the District of Columbia. CAER members support passage
of the Responsible Electronics Recycling Act (HR 2284/SB1270) because it
will create jobs, protect America’s security interests and enhance

“We are honored to welcome Green Irene and its more than 500
eco-consultants to CAER,” said John Shegerian, Co-founder and President,
Electronic Recyclers International (ERI) and CAER steering committee
member. “It’s further proof of a growing consensus that the Responsible
Electronics Recycling Act
is good for business and will create
much-needed jobs and enhance sustainability.”

Introduced last June, the Responsible Electronics Recycling Act (HR
2284/SB1270) would restrict toxic e-waste exports to developing
countries that lack adequate safeguards for the environment and workers.

CAER is committed to growing an American industry with the capacity to
manage the volume of e-waste generated within its borders, creating good
jobs and expanded trade. For more information about HR 2284/SB1270,
visit the CAER
, which includes links to the full text of each bill.

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