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The Optoelectronics Company has launched a range of direct-emission 520 nanometre (nm) green laser-diode modules that offer original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and systems integrators a realistic, cost and energy-efficient alternative to low-tech diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) green laser modules. Green DPSS laser modules are generally large, expensive and noisy with low thermal stability. Green light is produced by the cumbersome method of doubling the frequency of an infrared (IR) laser.

Direct-emission green laser-diode modules, however, are small, robust and offer impressive power stability over a wide operating temperature up to 50°C (122°F), according to the company. Their high beam quality and low power consumption open up new possibilities as light sources.

Because green light is more visible than red laser light of the same power output and laser safety class, the green lasers are particularly suitable for outdoor applications. Rangefinders and distance meters, such as those used by builders and surveyors, can be used over longer distances without losing beam quality and coherence.

With excellent beam quality, the new range of green laser modules are suitable for optical imaging and their small package size is advantageous for compact designs. The new technology makes high colour rendering and contrast achievable and enables fine details to be displayed, even over large distances, which is of interest to manufacturers of show lasers. Other applications include machine vision, biotechnology and spectroscopy.

The green laser-diode modules produce a high-quality elliptical beam at 520nm and offer high output stability with optical output powers up to 35 milliwatts (mW). With an operating voltage of 9 volt (V) direct current (DC) and a broad ambient operating temperature range from -10°C (+14°F) to +50°C, they are energy-efficient, requiring typically 140 milliampere (mA) operating current at 35mW and offer a long lifetime of continuous operation.

Robust and reliable with externally adjustable optics and self-contained drive electronics, the modules are static, surge and reverse-polarity protected and restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS)-compliant. Mechanical dimensions are 53 millimetres (mm) long with a 12mm diameter and the housing material is anodised aluminium. Electrical connections are made via 300mm external flying leads.

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