Greener BeeGreen Electronicsmarko vuckovic’s mosslamp fuses electronics with nature to effuse a sense of calm

marko vuckovic has long been working to bring the benefits nature into the household in ways that go far beyond the boundaries of the traditional potted plant. vuckovix’s adventure originally started out with ‘grasslamp’ hydroponic garden, which sprouted interest back in 2015. now, as a designer who declares himself as ‘constantly trying to improve, as a human, as a designer, and as an artist’ vuckovic has reconsidered his lighting concept into a smoother, more sophisticated product–the mosslamp. 

the creator of the grasslamp has refined his design into the mosslamp
all images courtesy of marko vuckovic



a green oasis enclosed inside a glass bowl, the mosslamp takes influence from the swedish town of malmö. the lamp channels the unique possibilities of the moss plant, able to grow in places that would not be covered by other plants. inside vuckovic’s glass bowl is a pre-formed foam shape made from recycled plastic, over which the moss begins to grow. vuckovic intends for everyone to be able to personalize their moss lamp by creating a unique design for the shape of the foam using schematics, and then proceeding to 3D print it. the moss would then be able to grow on the individual shape. 

the work can be used as either a surface-top lamp or a hanging installation



the stand beneath the glass bowl is made with one piece of carefully selected aluminum formed into a  heat-resistant ring that’s not attached to the bowl itself. all electrical parts carry LED lightning, illuminating the moss from below. the bowl can also be used as a hanging mosslamp, making it practical and easy to use.

the moss grows on a recycled plastic foam within the glass bowl



vuckovic beleives that great design should also be sustainable design, doing more with less to achieve peak performance. with the mosslamp, vuckovic aims to create a nature-inspired oasis that restores a sense of calm in the home.

vuckovic wishes to open up the possibilty of customizing the same of the foam within the lamp

vuckovic experiments with different shaped moss

the moss is illuminated with an LED light

moss has a unique ability to grow where other plants cannot go

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