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Research and Markets (
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Electronics for Wind Turbines: Market Technology Report 2012”

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Large scale wind turbines: from conversion system to active and passive
components down to material

44GW in 2011, every year beats the predictions, but it may not last

In 2011, almost 44GW of wind energy has been installed in the world and
half of it was in China. Each years’ results are greater than
predictions, and it has been so for the last 10 years. But we envision a
slow down in this growth, fully explained in this report: 22% annual
growth is huge. Based on the history, we believe the market will stay
between 15% and 20% growth until 2015. Compared to all other power
electronics markets, this is still the biggest opportunity for this type
of converters in power electronics.

There are other main trends at the macroscopic level:

– European on-shore market is now close to maturity. EU countries are
now starting to conquer and equip their off-shore potential.

– Emerging markets (South America and Asia) are starting to equip
themselves to feed their grid with green energy.

Turbine architecture is changing, and converters with them. We aim at
greater efficiency and reducing OM (operating and maintenance) costs.
Permanent magnets, no-gearbox and full converters seems to be the ideal
combination, if material costs stay stable.

Converters are also more demanding, and thus more power electronics is
required: converter market is at $4.5B today, and will top $5.5B in 2017.


Wind turbine’s global market trends

– 2011 Worldwide installations shares, and trends with 2017 market

– 2010 Players position and forecasted evolution for 2011 and 2012

Wind converters market

– Architecture analysis including:

– DFIG vs. full converter, technical analysis and market forecast

– On-shore vs. Off-shore comparison

– Turbine size trend

Wind converters components

– Converters architectures, players, market forecast and supply-chain

– Devices technology, markets and players:

– IGBT and IGCT devices and stacks

– Capacitors, resistors, connectors and laminated busbars


Wind converter manufacturers

– Understand the supply-chain evolution and the coming technologies

– Make the right partnerships with the right companies, and gain a
strategic advantage

– Understand your new market and plan your business expansion

Power inverter manufacturers

– Understand the supply-chain evolution and anticipate on new

– Benchmark your company regarding the market evolutions

– Elaborate the opportunities to penetrate or gain share in this high
growth market

Power electronics players: material, equipment, device and module market

– Get the full picture and benchmark competitors and partners solutions

– Understand the value-chain and anticipate its evolutions

– Make the right decisions and position yourself in tough market

Key Topics Covered:



How is this report structured

Executive summary

Wind turbine market

Wind turbine converter

Wind converter components

Passive components


Appendix: Company presentation

Companies Mentioned: To view the full list of companies that feature in
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