Greener BeeGreen ElectronicsRoyal Jordanian welcomes electronics back on flights to US with charming ad

The month-long U.S. electronics ban seems to be coming to an end as several Arab airlines are now in the clear. It started with Etihad Airways, followed by Emirates and Qatar Airways … and now Royal Jordanian has been given the green light. 

Jordan’s flag carrier – which flies directly to New York, Chicago and Detroit – has been cleared to lift the electronics ban on flights from Queen Alia International Airport to the U.S.

The decision was announced on Sunday after new security measures were implemented for U.S. bound flights.

“Enhanced security measures are now implemented to meet the requirements of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s new security guidelines for all U.S. bound flights,” said Stefan Pichler, RJ President/CEO, in a statement, according to Jordan Times.

“We highly appreciate our passengers’ patience and understanding during the time of the [March 24] ban,” he added. 

Of course, Royal Jordanian didn’t just announce the news just like any other airline … it did so in pure style. 

“Keep calm and carry on. Electronics ban lifted on flights to the USA,” the airline wrote in an online ad which was posted to social media following the news.

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