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When Leigh Steinberg’s Sporting Green Alliance collected old cell phones last year to recycle, the message was to recycle all the electronic gadgets and devices that we have accumulated. Most electronic devices are not meant to be simply thrown away, so learning to recycle electronics is extremely important. Many of the components within electronics are capable of being reused, and are excellent for recycling. Some of the other materials in your electronics can be harmful if allowed to break down in landfills. If you enjoy getting brand new gadgets and electronics, then you need to learn to recycle electronics that are outdated or broken. Undo the negative environmental impact that throwing electronics away has, and recycle electronics so that their components may be reused again.

There are a number of unique programs that allow consumers to recycle electronics of all kinds, including programs offered by electronics companies, and retailers as well. Sony, Dell, HP and Apple are all electronics producers that offer recycling programs. Additionally, electronics retailers offer their own programs to recycle electronics as well. The largest retailer of electronics in the United States, Best Buy, is a major force in recycling electronics waste. More than 20 million lbs worth of electronics was recycled through Best Buy electronics recycling programs in 2006 alone.

One of the pioneering efforts that Best Buy has created is free drop off kiosks to recycle electronics within every store. Just within the door of every single Best Buy outlet in the United States, you will find such a kiosk. These kiosks are designed to allow customers of the store to bring and drop off their old electronics for free recycling. Most Best Buy stores accept old cell phones, ink jet and toner cartridges and rechargeable batteries as well. The idea is to make it simple for people to recycle electronics. This is a lot like what the Sporting Green Alliance did last year by collecting used electronics at Leigh Steinberg’s Super Bowl Party in Arizona.

The Dell computer company has made news by deciding to become carbon neutral. This is because they will be the first major company to achieve such a goal. Dell has also implemented a number of systems so that they may recycle electronics and also reuse old electronics as well. Dell has a partnership with the National Christina Foundation, allowing consumers to donate working computers to charity in exchange for tax deductions. The donated electronics are passed on to public agencies and local non profits to help disabled and disadvantaged children and families.

Additionally, Dell also offers a free program for any consumers to recycle electronics that are Dell branded. When consumers purchase new electronics from Dell, they can recycle other used equipment from any brand name as well and there is no charge. The program allowing consumers to recycle electronics is managed by selected partners chosen by Dell. These partners are required to adhere to a high set of environmental standards that Dell stands behind. Dell is working around the globe promoting the recycling of all kinds of consumer electronics.

There is another Best Buy recycling program that is well worth noting. New cell phone customers that purchase cell phones from Best Buy will receive a postage paid envelope. This postage paid envelope is free, and will allow them to recycle their old cell phone. The old, obsolete cell phone will be sent to ReCellular, which donates dollars from its program to the Boys and Girls Club of America. Not only is Best Buy facilitating the ability to recycle electronics, but also helping to make sure money is given to a worthy cause as a result.

In addition to providing you with resources for recycling electronics, the My Green Electronics site is also a great information resource. There you will be able to find out about the 4 R’s and how they relate to electronics. If you want to make smarter choices when it comes to learning how to recycle electronics, this website is an excellent jumping off point. There are a myriad of resources online for learning how to best recycle electronics. There are great tips and plenty of information here for you to learn from.

The recycling programs that Best Buy offers encapsulate the needs of most consumers looking to recycle electronics. If you want to recycle electronics and are not sure where to go, call your local Best Buy. A Best Buy associate should be able to guide you in the right direction regarding the electronics that you want to recycle. While Best Buy cannot always accept all used or obsolete electronics, they can steer you in the right direction. If in doubt, you can always wait for one of Best Buy’s parking lot recycling events, which happen frequently enough that they are extremely useful for most average electronics consumers. But the message is this, as demonstrated by the Sporting Green Alliance, recycle electronic goods and gadgets. It does our planet a whole lot of good.

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