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they say the kitchen is the heart of the home. who wants to be there if counter tops and cupboards are clutered.

here with great products to keep everything in its place and give you
extra space
is consumer lifestyle expert
sissy biggers

hi, girls.

little smaller, a little bigger when i’m with you guys. here is the fun part about the kitchen. it is the heart of the home. my kitchen this weekend looked like
grand central station
with an open buffet. so it is all about the
real estate
. the countertops are
real estate
, the drawers, the shelves, maximizing. let’s go vertical. our paper towel holder is also your
digital home
. you got your ipad up there, which can be a cookbook, so that eliminates cookbook space or your monitor for your television, recipes.


in your drawers, you want collapsible. this is the winston chop from

. it goes completely — almost completely flat. rinse and chop, double duty. and from oxo, collapsible silicone, which is great. everything must be flat.


this is

. this is their nesting, want to nest.

you put them inside one another.

color coordinated. easy to keep track of the tops and bottoms. this is my small obsession. the ball jar. this is their heritage edition. you have vintage kitchen or cottage look, you can put your staples, sugar, flour, your rice and raisens, pretzels on top of the counter.


this is a turn table, the trick here is always put your tallest in the middle, and then this is your bgo to turn table.

where does this go?

in the cupboard, the countertop. someone says where is the
olive oil
, it is on the turn table.

get it yourself.


these are bamboo drawers that roll, so you can put these in a shelf to roll out, to create a new drawer and then from oxo again, the expandible drawer dividers. so you’re dividing pots and pans. this is something your kids will love here at “today.” and in your drawers also, this is from the drawer store. you know that drawer that catches everything in the kitchen?


the junk drawer.

why not keep it organized, using the different separators.
easy way
to grab things.

why not indeed, sissy?

next up, this is the grip it. this goes on your fridge. and it magically holds your notes and pictures —


magnetized with a marble holder inside. it is quite magical. it is called a grip it.

what did you put up there?


showing off.

i was in the
orange room
. this is the epicurean magnetic wall mounted knife holder. so that way you can get your knives away from
little people
and high up. and easily magnetized.

they stay up there?

this is the grook. this holds all of your brooms and dust mops, collapsible from capawela. i mounted here. that can hold up to 16 items.

that’s smart.

and here i am in my show, this is the tea stand. it holds 100 tea bags and you can store it this way, lay it down in a drawer, all there.

instead of boxes.

this one, adhesive hooks to gain more space. this is from organized living, an under the shelf shelf which we love, using the
vertical space
. this is a wonderful little corner shelf that you can then, again, go vertical.

all right.

and then finally this is one of your producer’s ideas,

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