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Two marksmen enter, one marksman leaves.

Oliver Queen, a.k.a. Green Arrow, has been picked as our latest Character of the Month. In addition to featuring his Best Covers, Must Read Stories, and more, we’re also going to put his abilities as a hero to the test. So far, he’s had a pretty good run in the Battle of the Week. He defeated Black Widow and barely managed to take the victory over Elektra. This week, he faced an accurate villain from the Marvel universe: Bullseye.

Will Oliver win a third fight in a row or will Daredevil’s foe be the first challenger to defeat him? Did Lester’s lethal aim and adamantium lacing allow him to drop the Emerald archer? According to the voters, the answer is no. It looks like Green Arrow wins again.

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Not only are we sharing the above picture to represent Ollie’s win because it’s funny, but we’re also sharing it because it seems to be the key reason why so many voters sided with Green Arrow. Lester’s uncanny accuracy and reflexes means Oliver’s volley of regular arrows will be deflected or dodged, but the trick arrows? Those continue to be a huge game changer. For example, an anti-riot arrow could temporarily restrain Bullseye, giving Ollie the advantage he requires and he could then follow-up however he wants to. Heck, in that scenario, he could even bust out the legendary boxing glove arrow, if he really wanted to. That said, Bullseye’s accuracy and reflexes are good enough to keep even Daredevil — someone with incredible agility and reflexes — one his toes, so Ollie’s going to need to be on his A-game the entire time. One slip up could lead to his downfall. Lester’s arrogance may get in the way from time to time and it leads to him toying with some targets (there’s no guarantee that’ll happen, but given his history, it is a possibility), but when push comes to shove, he won’t mind slicing and/or stabbing Ollie where it counts. Even if Green Arrow does win, he’s going to walk away with some injuries. Luckily for him, we know he can take the pain (e.g. his fight with Komodo) and hang in there long enough to start dishing out trick arrows — weapons Bullseye unfortunately doesn’t have a way to counter.

Even though Bullseye is a deadly dude with impressive hand-to-hand abilities and beyond impressive accuracy, a good amount of the voters just don’t think he’d take this one. Here’s the results:

  • Green Arrow 56%
  • Bullseye 39%
  • Too close to call 5%

The community has been discussing this fight since Monday, so let’s see what some of them had to say about it.


“Bullseye definitely wins in terms of accuracy/skill but Green Arrows gadgets will definitely come in handy, smoke bombs and flash bangs should be useful. However, the question is whether Ollie can use them before he gets shot and Lester is a master of ricochets and the like so I don’t think there’ll be enough time. Even if Ollie is able to use those arrows, Bullseye still has a chance of recovering and pulling back the win. So, at the moment, I’m thinking Bullseye.”

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“Bullseye will be the hardest opponent that Queen has ever faced. This is too close to call. This fight would have a lot of weapon throwing and dodging. It would be an all day fight lol.”

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“In general I think it probably comes down to who “shoots first” in most scenarios, but I’ll go with Green Arrow for the ever-so-slight majority. Queen is pretty resilient himself, and his trick arrows have a high chance of confusing and catching Bullseye by surprise. And again, even if Lester knows Ollie has a quiver full of trick arrows (he doesn’t know), he won’t know what those trick arrows can do, nor which arrow does what until it is too late. Not only that, but if by some chance it becomes an h2h fight at any point, Queen holds the advantage there too, in my opinion.”

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“I honestly can’t see how Arrow can win this. I’m not saying that Bullseye wins 10/10, but it wouldn’t be a close fight either. Bullseye knows how to use a bow as well as Oliver because he was Hawkeye for a while so in theory, Green Arrow has nothing to surprise Bullseye with except maybe a couple of extremly outlandish trick arrows.

Bullseye can weaponise anything he can lay his hands on, including used arrows that have missed him, glass shards and everything in the zone. As far as I’m aware, Olly has peak human agility so will not be able to dodge everything. Bullseye can throw multiple objects in different directions and trajectories as he has two hands whereas a bow fires once per string pull so if there are multiple arrows, they will all be coming at the same speed following the same path.

Bullseye also uses ricochets regularly, and whike I’m sure Olly would expect them, it would be hard to keep dodging things if they are coming from front and back. Arrow fans may skew this vote, but looking at it from the perspective of a person who is not a massive fan of either charcacter, Bullseye wins 7.5/10.”

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“Bullseye can turn anything he holds into a weapon. Would I want him close? No. At long distance? Hell, no! Bullseye could turn a toothpick into a weapon. GA is a formidable h2h and has so many trick arrows Bullseye won’t know how to properly react.

Will Bullseye go down easily? Absolutely not, he can take a ton of damage. He would cause GA lots of damage, but Queen’s best bet is to hit Bullseye hard and fast; keep him off balance.

The beauty of trick arrows is that they are unpredictable until they activate.

I give this to Green Arrow.”

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That’s it for this week! Want to share your thoughts on the results? Take to the comments section below. Don’t forget to check back Monday for an all-new fight with Oliver Queen. If you want to suggest a match for an upcoming Battle of the Week for Green Arrow, tell us below or share it via twitter.

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