Greener BeeGreen GadgetsBest Golf Accessories 2017: 4 top gadgets to master the fairway

Key features:

  • Automatic video recording and swing analysis
  • Clips onto your glove
  • Colour-coded ratings
  • Smart Coach training system
  • Measures seven key metrics
  • Review price: £129.99

The Zepp 2 had the unenviable task of trying to improve on the excellent original, but boy did it. The Zepp 2 has unrivalled data collection and presentation thanks to an array of sensors inside the device that clips onto your glove. The fact that it attaches to your glove, rather than your club, is great news as it means you can change clubs without having to faff around clipping stuff onto them.

Swing analysis is easy enough for a toddler to understand thanks to a colour-coded system that rates key metrics such as club speed, backswing and tempo. For beginners, a ’10 swing instant evaluation’ will help you to direct your focus to intelligently improve your game, which is always difficult to discern for those starting out.

Another great feature is the video analysis, which uses your smartphone camera to record your swing in real-time, giving useful analysis so you can form correct. The Zepp 2 is the best golf sensor on the market and a great tool for anyone from beginners to those with an already low handicap.

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