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It’s finally summer and the long sunny days stretch out before you like a magic carpet waiting to reveal new places and new adventures. Whether you plan to travel to the beach, go camping, or just stay home and throw a backyard party, we found some clever new products that can add even more enjoyment to your summer activities!



This is a brilliant idea — A portable table no bigger than a breadboard that can be used on the beach and at the campground. Instead of parking your food and drinks on uneven ground, hot sand, or on top of your cooler, you can put your goodies on this portable table. No sand in your food and no spilled beer! When you’re done, the lightweight table simply folds up and you carry it away by the handle. You can find the SandStand and other cool beach products at


Spark Sp 1 sleeping bag

Even in warm weather, it can get cold in the woods overnight. The Spark Sp 1 is the lightest and most compact sleeping bag made by Sea to Summit. Not only will it keep you warm and dry, it folds up into a bundle far smaller than a typical bag. This leaves more room in your backpack or trailer for other fun camping stuff. The Spark Sp 1 and products for all kinds of outdoor activities are available at

Search Spark SP1 Sleeping Bag.


Giant Bowling Game

Here’s something fun for kids and grown-ups — A giant, inflatable bowling game! Enjoy the sport of bowling without a trip to the bowling alley (and without having to put on those funky shoes). You can set up the inflatable pins almost anywhere, even inside if it rains on your backyard party. Go to and search for Giant Bowling Game.

Portable BBQ Suitcase

A super-unique way to take your barbecue on the road. This versatile, portable charcoal grill will make you the envy of all your friends. Just unfold it, follow some simple instructions, and you’ll be cooking in style. Cooks enough for two, with a mess-free ash catcher underneath. Then fold it back up. Walk off with your BBQ suitcase for that James Bond-type feeling of having the coolest toy around. Find it at — search for Portable BBQ Suitcase.


Sand-Free Mat

An innovative new technology that prevents sand, dirt and dust from getting all over your blanket on the beach. Particles of sand and dirt go down through the high-tech fabric, but won’t come back up. It was first used by the military to stop dust from swirling around during helicopter landings. It can also be used outside tents and campers to prevent debris from getting tracked inside. Brilliant! You can order one at


Mystical Fire Flame Colorant

Toss a few packs into your campfire and they create vibrant, rainbow-colored flames. Blue, green, red and violet flames leaping out of the fire pit — it’s like magic. (Especially if you sneak them in). Imagine the looks on the faces of your friends and family! Three packs can last up to two hours. Find them on

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