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Honor Mother Earth on Earth Day, April 22nd, by recycling some of your old gadgets. By some estimations, two million tons of old gadgets end up in landfills every year. Not only is throwing away old phones, computers and other pieces of equipment dangerous for the environment, but it can also be illegal.  Here are some green ways to recycle your gear for Earth Day.

Find your old gear a better home by taking it to the proper recycling facility. Locate one near you through Type in your zip code and you’ll see local retailers that accept outdated tech. If there’s nothing nearby, view the list of mail-in locations to learn about different manufacturers’ recycling protocol.

Pay a visit to the website and click on the ‘tech’ tab to learn more about ways you can green your gear. Articles cover everything from cellphone chargers that consume less energy to how to choose the right energy saving light bulbs for your household.

Finally, rid yourself of some tech and earn some cash too. Amazon is a good place to start for either trading in old phones and tablets or for listing them for sale. If you want to dispose Apple gadgets, might be the place to earn some serious money. An iPhone5 in good condition can be worth up to $135 bucks.

(Kara Tsuboi, for CBS News)

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