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though it doesn’t feel like spring for a lot of us, our minds are drifting to outdoor barbecues with friends. time to get your space ready.

jason cameron is the host of “man cave.” he’s here helping us gear up for warmer weather.

i don’t know about you guys, i’m ready for summer. i can see you got lost there for a second.

get us started.

this will get us started. this is charbroil,
gas grill
, compact enough for a smaller deck, but it packs a punch. there’s 690
square inches
of grilling space in this, a warming tray. and it’s got a handy tool caddy over here, another burner on the side if you want to — the pot and then put on there. this one’s great for a smaller deck. $199.

and we roll out the cadillac.

this one next. this one is really cool. cuisinart portable table top grill. it uses a lot less gas. it is gas, heats up really fast. there’s a lot — you can put about eight steaks on it. you fold these down. all right. you lock the lid. got a little locking mechanism and you’re ready to go. you’re like dr. grill. taking it with you.

it’s like a gas hibachi.

camping, going to the beach.

walking with it.

and now we’ve got the mac daddy. this is the kenmore six burner
stainless steel

gas burner
with a smoker. by the way, this is a smoker over here. you get the smoker with it. 788
square inches
, gentlemen, of grilling space on this. got a warming tray up here, all
stainless steel
, another burner on this side. plenty of storage, a lot for your money on sale for $720.

very nice. eventually, there’s no snow an your lawn, you’re able to mow it.

i was going to ask you, are we almost there, al?

we are almost there.

this is the
john deere

john deere

now, hop up there, al.

come on.

this is a d110.

how comfortable is that, though?

very comfortable.

this has a
steel frame
cast iron
front, very durable, comfortable, and notice that lever on the right. that’s the height adjust level. really easy to do. up and down, automatic transmission, very easy to drive and
cup holder
, al.

cup holder

that’s a solid point.

$1,700 or something like that?

worth it, especially you have a big lawn.

push mower

you want to go green to cut the green, this is it. 18-inch cordless
lawn mower
and you can cut up to a third of an acre with one charge before you recharge it. it’s got a fast start. any time you want to go out, 7:00 in the morning, not going to bother anybody.
zero emissions
on that.

i love this.

this is
simple things
, isn’t it, al? the
simple things
. a bunch of buckets. but this is a fisker bucket caddy. it’s an apron that fits on any 5-gallon bucket snugly. got wide pockets, carries your cell phone, a drink, and keeps the bucket open for other things. $10.99.

fire pits.

fire pits, the antique bronze finish
fire pit
. it’s really nice for a patio. works as a table. works with a 20-pound propane tank. when you’re not using it ifffor a
fire pit
— it’s dual purpose.

portable deal.

this is the portable grill sells for about $50. it’s a twofor. it has the grill, you can grill the stakes, they fold up and go in a carrying bag and ready to go.

you should put the fire out.

yeah. let’s make that clear. put the fire out first.

how about these heaters?

the patio heaters because we’re not there yet where it’s warm enough. when you’re out at night, this is the
infrared heater
. and what’s nice about this, you plug it in, it’s very safe. you can hang it up or it’s got a base you can put it on and it’s infrar infrared. this is a hanging one. and it’s 100% heat in a matter of seconds. put it over a table. what’s important about these, keep it 3 feet away from anything combustible.

good plan.

keeps you very warm until we get warmed up and

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