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When most people think marketing they think big. From new advertising campaigns to a new website, but sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference.

I was wandering through the Lane Cove village in Sydney recently and came across a great example of practical marketing in action. Lane Cove is a lovely village shopping centre only 10 kilometres from Sydney.

In the middle of their shopping area is a village green covered by shade sails which is the popular haunt of young mums and children. It’s not uncommon to see 20 or so parents sitting on the ground surrounded by littlies playing, crying, yelling and doing all kinds of kid stuff.

As I walked past, a young man, smartly dressed in the uniform of the Charlie’s Chicken shop that faces onto the village green, appeared carrying a tray loaded up with chunky chips and all kinds of tasty treats. He then wandered amongst the crowd chatting to parents, asking if their child could have a treat and handing out goodies.

Suddenly the place went quiet as 20 plus kids and parents munched on chips and snacks. What a brilliant way of promoting the quality of your products and creating a sense of goodwill and community.

I couldn’t resist checking out the chicken shop and noticed they have lots of salads, pies and bakes that are perfect take home meals for busy mums who are obviously a target market.

So here is a retailer that rather than sit inside their outlet and complain that business is slow or that they need more customers actually took their product to the market.

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This is the same principle that works so well at farmers markets, if you can get something into someone’s mouth they are much more likely to buy. I read somewhere that this is partly due to “reciprocity.”

So by giving something away with no expectations of something in return, actually means potential customers are more likely to buy from you.

Of course this doesn’t just work with food. Technical gadgets and even computers are much easier to sell if you get to use them in earnest before you buy.

So instead of thinking big and spending megabucks, think of ways you can give it away, interact with potential clients and create good vibes; you’ll reap the rewards and build loyalty.

Linda Hailey is a KBB Coach who is a successful consultant, author and keynote speaker on small business marketing and growth.

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