Greener BeeGreen GadgetsGoldie Hawn’s grandkids call her ‘GoGo’

we want an update on the family. you and
have a beautiful family. tell us how the older kids are doing and the grandchildren.

the older kids are amazing, unbelievable parents. i’m so proud.
and i are so proud. and they’re mirroring a lot of the way they were raised. that shows you how important it is to raise your children well because they will raise their kids well.

what do the grandkids call you?

go go.


go gi.

we get you, go go.

that was his nickname. go go was my nickname from my aunt.

you were a go go girl.

it all worked. i walk fast too so —

start off your career as a dancer. i was so interested to hear that. i was unaware that’s where it all began.

i danced in new york, i danced on a few tables, i danced in a cage, i danced on a pedestal. i had to dance like this because the pedestal was, like, really tiny.

so was your bikini when you were in —

i know. but i was getting paid.

was a real role model for me because i grew up in annapolis in bowie, maryland, she’s from
silver spring
. she was the first person from our area, a woman i admired that made it big.

from our area.

and didn’t get jaded. a lot of people who have reached your level in hollywood got harder. how do you think you stayed just kind of free and joyful and open?

i can’t imagine losing my joy. it is — i think it is a god given thing. i felt it when i was 11. i was aware of being happy. and i never wanted to lose that. so i think it has to do with the intention of wanting to keep it. right? we can, it is how we look at things. and you have fun. you enjoy it. it feels good. so why would you want to lose that. it is an active will.

we love you,
. thank you for staying.

we’ll do that fun thing in connecticut soon and give our love to the beautiful family.

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‘s foundation at the hawn

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