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Plastic frogs for fishing over and around aquatic vegetation have been all the rage among bass anglers in recent years with a number of bait companies offering various iterations. Now, Stanley Jigs, which has offered a couple different frogs over the years, has produced a new take on its Top Toad — a frog with a popper mouth.

The hollow-body POPPN’ Toad differs in a several ways from the competition. Besides the popper mouth, the new bait features swim bait legs (most have skirts or curly tails) and instead a hook that runs through the body, the 5/0 Double Take hook boasts a screw lock that attaches to the snout of the lure. The shank of the hook runs underneath the body with points over the rear of the frog. The advantage: when the body gets torn up, it can be replaced without having to buy a whole new lure. Each pack includes a rigged frog and a replacement body and additional replacement bodies are available in a variety of colors in multi-packs.

Fall is a great time for fishing frogs as the bass are moving shallow and this year, with cold weather yet to arrive, there is still a lot of green vegetation available on a lot of lakes with bass in and around it. — Bob Gwizdz

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