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Fossil fuels, greenhouse gases, pollution here and there, typhoons getting stronger, flood everywhere, sounds familiar? These environmental dilemmas are not exclusive to the Philippines, climate change is a global issue. The sooner mankind endeavors to truly unite and address this looming threat together, the better. And no, you don’t have to join an international conservation group, take a master class on sustainability, plant a forest, or spearhead a coastal clean up to get involved. Global environmental awareness can start at home and office spaces. As long as you keep in mind how your choices affect your locality, your country, and your fragile planet, you can proudly say you’ve done your part to, well, heal the world.


Here are ideas and practices that will transform the way you see climate change and, with hope, make you change your conservation habits at home and at work.


The most basic thing to do when you’re turning your house green is to surround it with plants. This will prevent flooding and provide you with your every day dose of fresh air! Having a green surrounding also relaxes your eyesight. And flowers will make the view extra pretty.

Solar panel roofs


Though costly, installing solar panel on your  roof will save you thousands from your electric bill because it converts the energy of the sun into electricity. Choose just a small portion of your roof, either on the west or east side, wherever it will receive most of the sun. It will help decrease greenhouse gas emissions, global warming, and reduce dependence on fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas.


Let’s face it, there’s no substitute than the great light provided by the sunlight. Push the heavy drapes aside and let the light in! Do not rely too much on artificial lighting during day time. If you have no choice, replace incandescent bulbs with LED light bulbs. Open the windows and curtains and use light-colored paint! Take advantage of the natural light to reduce the climate impact of your home. The more light available, the less you have to rely on energy to run the light fixtures. The lighter color of the wall reflects more daylight throughout the space. It also helps improve your home’s artistic feel.


The windows of your home can be a natural and sophisticated ventilation machine. They’re not just holes on the wall that you open or close. Put them to good use. Now, put the air conditioner or the electric fan aside and let the air in!

Rain Barrel


This calls for lower water bills! Rain barrels can be used for collecting rain water, and an inexpensive way to get water for your plants. You can either purchase this or make your own. To make it more efficient, set it up under your gutter downspout. This way, rain water gets funneled off the roof right into your barrel.


One major expense of every household and company is electricity. By doing simple things such as turning off computers, television, printers, photocopiers, scanners, lights, speakers, and other gadgets every time you’re not using them can reduce your big expenses. Set your monitors into energy efficient settings such as shutting off after 15 minutes when not in use. Screen savers use excess energy when you’re away from your desk, so forget it. TV sets should be turned off with the main switch, same with other appliances. And don’t leave your charger plugged in when your device’s battery’s full, please. Also, take advantage of natural sunlight as much as possible.


Think about everything you use. Reduce using disposable cups and replace them with mugs. Reuse the other side of used sheets of paper. Recycle scrap paper into notepads by using bulldog clips. Reduce the use of ink by setting your printer into draft and toner-saving modes. Refillable pens and markers are preferable than disposable ones. Reduce using disposable utensils every time you have a get together with your friends. Keep a recycling box to make it easy to collect used paper, envelopes, cardboard boxes, soda cans and plastic bottles, aluminum foil, plastic bags, and ink cartridges.


Healthy eating habits plus eco-friendly food choices equals perfect! Bringing lunch to work in reusable containers can be the greenest and healthiest way to eat at work—and wallet-friendly, too! Buy organic coffee and teas. Bring in a reusable plate, utensils, and napkins to work. If your workplace has a cafeteria, encourage employees to use washable trays, serving dishes, and utensils. Bring your own durable, reusable water bottle for constant refills every time you go out.


Though the paperless office may still seem unrealistic, at least try to cut down on printed materials when possible. Read on-screen and only print documents when absolutely necessary. Distribute documents electronically instead of hard copies. The more you do online, the less you need paper. This will also make you a lot more tech savvy and cool than handing out boring old files.


Instead of buying several individual scanners or printers, buy one product that can print, copy, scan, and fax. Buy in bulk to reduce energy and bring a bag every time you go shopping. You’ll save money by purchasing supplies for only one device instead of several. Plus, you’ll cut energy, which you would have used to power all those devices.


Rearrange your house and office to maximize natural light. Furniture can be manufactured from recycled materials. Add plants for a fabulous green makeover and don’t forget to water them every day! They pretty up the view, provide fresh air, absorb indoor air pollution, and increase the flow of oxygen.


More hands can make a bigger difference. Encourage your family and friends to go green and think green. Put up posters and stickers to remind people about these simple tips. Share your practices and wisdom with your boss and coworkers. If you can, create a green team in your community and start a recycling program. Make green actions fun!

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