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ID-Cooling Icekimo 240 VGA Cooler

Those of you that build custom DIY PC rigs, may be interested in a new VGA cooling solution which has been created by ID-Cooling takes the form of the Icekimo 240 VGA Cooler which is priced at $120.

Within the kit Universal mounting brackets are included allowing the cooling system to be compatible with those VGA cards having 58.4 x 58.4mm and 53.3 x 53.3mm mounting holes, to name a few, Nvidia GTX 10 series, 9 series, and AMD R9 200/300/400 Series.

Today’s press release reads :

ID-COOLING has been continuously trying to develop some innovative products in computer cooling. Today a new member of ICEKIMO series is born to help gamers to cool their hot gaming VGA cards: ICEKIMO 240VGA. ICEKIMO 240VGA features a green theme design with green LEDs on the fans and the VGA board cover. The LED logo can be seen through the side panel on computer cases. Designed with a powerful pump with a water flow of 96L/H and a 240mm radiator mounted with dual 120mm PWM fans, this cooler offers exceptional cooling performance.

The VGA board cover is made of pure aluminum anodized into black/green theme for the best match with the original NVIDIA VGA Cards. The built-in 95*15mm slim fan is there to help cool the VRAMs. The aluminum cover itself can dissipate heat effectively simultaneously. Tubing length is 380mm, which is enough for all ATX builds. The sleeved design makes the tubing more durable and also aesthetically pleasing.

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