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After its recent launch of the mobile app ‘rebyte’ followed by installation of 30 e-waste bins at various pick-up points, Green Waves Environmental Solutions aims at intensifying safe e-waste disposal by doubling up its reach.

With the response for the e-waste disposal touching 40% in the city, the organisation now plans to get close to the general public through awareness drives in educational institutions and colonies, partnering with NGOs MEECONS and Trendsetters Charitable Trust.

“The challenge we face is streamlining the collection of abandoned gadgets in a scientific manner as it comprises toxic components such as lead, cadmium and chromium. By partnering with the NGOs, we are trying to focus on two aspects – creating awareness on the e-waste disposal in schools, colleges and colonies by educating them on implication of dumping abandoned electronic waste along with the normal litter and better e-waste management by picking up e-waste at various points,” says P. Anil Chowdary, managing partner of Green Waves.

Since the response for the rebyte app is mostly from the youth and those who are tech-savvy, Mr. Anil has indicated that there is a need to get close to the general public and channelise the e-waste collection effectively.

“Awareness drive is a step towards this endeavour. Besides this, our future expansion plans also include increasing the number of machines at the e-waste recycling unit located at Mindi,” adds Mr. Anil.

Soon, the NGOs will visit schools, colleges and colonies and organise awareness workshops.

“To make students and residents more participative, we will also be conducting door-to-door campaign and distribute goodies to those who follow e-waste disposal meticulously. Not many are aware of disposing of abandoned gadgets in a systematic manner and we hope that the door-to-door campaign would serve the purpose,” says S. Ravi Kanth Reddy, founder-president of MEECONS.

The recent statistics showed 350 metric tonnes of e-waste generation in Visakhapatnam.

According to Environmental Engineer of Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board R. Lakshminarayana, the e-waste generation is likely to increase by 20-30% every year. He exercised caution against dumping electronic products along with the domestic waste as it is hazardous to health and environment, leading to the contamination of soil and sea.

Green Waves has been collecting e-waste from various industries and organisations and it has touched 29.44 tonnes for the past 11 months. The new partnership with the NGOs aims at increasing the count by reaching out to more number of households.

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