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Hybrid hydrogen fuel cell and solar photovoltaic off-grid system tower at Rompin.

CYBERJAYA, Oct 19 — The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) is working with Malaysian Technical Standards Forum Bhd (MTSFB) to fund various eco-friendly information and communications technology (ICT) projects through the MCMC Industrial Promotion and Development Grant.

Its technology and society division senior director Aisharuddin Nuruddin said funds would be available to members of MTSFB.

“After that, Green Information and Communication Technology Working Group will be evaluating the project proposals and put up a recommendation to MCMC for approval,” he said. 

He said the objective of these projects is to spur the development of eco-friendly projects in order to facilitate quick adoption by the industry. 

“The end result is to reduce the carbon footprint emission from the Communications and Multimedia industry and encourage the industry to adapt towards sustainable development,” he said, adding the awareness of green technology must increase. 

Among the approved eco-friendly projects are the Data Centre Cooling System, Sahabat Hijau mobile application, hybrid hydrogen fuel cell and solar photovoltaic (PV) off-grid system and vehicle diagnostic and monitoring system (VDMS). 

Aisharuddin said the Data Centre Cooling System is the future of data centres utilising fluid submersion. 

“It features the world’s only renewable and biodegradable coolant that can reduce the data centre’s energy consumption and carbon footprint by half,” he said, adding that the project would allow data centres to save on electricity. 
He said the numerous environmental issues occurring in the country had also sparked the idea for a mobile application, known as “Sahabat Hijau”.  “This application allows the public to make complaints regarding situations that can be detrimental to the environment or wastage of natural resources to the local councils based on their location.”

He added the environmental mobile application had been taken up by the Kajang Municipal Council due to its success rate. 

“As of now, they are the only council utilising this application. We are hoping other local councils will start using this application too since this is an interactive way to solve environmental issues,” he said. 

He said the hybrid hydrogen fuel cell and solar PV off-grid system does not require refuelling at all. 

The system uses hydrogen gas as energy storage thru a combination of electrolyser and fuel cell from energy generated by solar PV. 

Running completely on renewable source, the system is completely carbon free with zero on-site emission. It is extremely low maintenance and theft deterrent because there is no resale value for these components.

“This hybrid fuel cell solution is unique in the sense that it is self-refuelling. Unlike the other fuel cell solutions which still require fuel logistic in the form of compressed hydrogen cylinders or methanol for reformer-based technology,” he said, hence it is not affected by the volatility of fuel price. 
The hybrid solution has a remote monitoring system which eliminates the need for frequent site visits.

MCMC invites innovative organisations to create sustainable solutions to spur the development and adoption of Green ICT within the communications and multimedia industry.

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