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Razer added to its wearable collection at CES not with a smartwatch but with “a watch that’s smart.” That’s how the company bills its new Nabu Watch, a G-Shock-esque device that doesn’t have any bling but is big enough to catch everyone’s eyes. It’s a full chronograph timepiece with a digital display in addition to a secondary ticker screen for smartphone notifications. On top of that, it tracks daily activity as well.

The Nabu Watch is Razer’s way of getting into the smartwatch world while still staying true to its customer base by making devices that are “by gamers, for gamers.” The watch certainly embraces the same aesthetic of Razer’s other products—jet black with bright lime green detailing. At $149, though, the Nabu Watch might be best suited for the Razer-obsessed. It’s lackluster for everyone else.

Design: An acquired taste

Razer channels Casio’s ostentatious yet iconic G-Shock line of watches with its Nabu Watch. I like big watches in general, but this one looks hilarious on my small wrist. It’s bulky with a number of raised, oblong accents that make it look like something a post-apocalyptic video game character would wear.

In the center of its honking face is a digital display that shows the date, time, and mode by default. Right underneath the main display is a 128×16-pixel OLED ticker-like screen that only shows your smartphone notifications and activity stats. Compared to other smartwatches and fitness trackers that just have one do-it-all display, I like that Razer separated the information you’d always want to see when you look down at your watch and the information that has a short shelf life, like smartphone notifications.

Razer’s Nabu Watch is a full chronograph timepiece, and it has a secondary display for smartphone notifications.


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