Greener BeeGreen GadgetsPortable X200 Power-Hub Provides Clean, Green Energy Anywhere You Need It (video)


If you are searching for a powerful portable power pack to keep your devices charged whilst away from the grid you might be interested in the X200 Power-Hub which has been created by Innogen Energy.

The X200 Power-Hub has been fitted with a integrated hand crank that can provide instant power by simply cranking the handle at an easy 60 revolutions per minute. Watch the video below to learn more about the features of this dependable yet versatile power bank which is small enough to be taken almost anywhere.


The X200 Power-Hub gives you the freedom to charge mobile devices, electronics, and even small appliances – anywhere, anytime. The X200 can be charged from a wall outlet or a car charger, as well as from renewable sources like personal solar panels or wind turbines.

Most impressively, the X200 can be charged using the powerful, built-in 100 Watt hand crank generator by turning the crank at a comfortable 60 RPM – manageable even for children or the elderly.

The X200 is a clean and affordable alternative to gas generators that is designed for both indoor use and outdoor activity. Using biomechanical energy or multiple charging options, the X200 provides power with no fuel, fumes, or noise, and is lightweight and highly portable. With multiple outlet options and rugged construction, the X200 provides versatile power for lights, mobile electronics, and entertainment devices in any situation.

For more information on the new X200 Power-Hub jump over to the Kickstarter website for details by following the link below.

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