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FRESH AIR: Pry children away from gadgets with a golf workshop

JOHOR BARU :PARENTS who are planning something interesting for their children aged 6 to 12 this coming school holidays can check out a golf workshop by The Ponderosa Golf and Country Club.

The Introductory Golf Workshop will be organised during the school holidays from March 22 to March 30.

Its general manager, Ivan Teo, who described the workshop as a “school holiday programme with an edge”, said the event would take children away from their computers and tablets and into a world of green and fresh air.

“Golf is an excellent exercise which reinforces all the basic developmental skills that children need to enhance academic learning.

“Hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, crossing the midline and bilateral symmetry are only a few of a range of developmental benefits to be gained by playing golf,” Teo said.

The workshop is priced at RM19.90 per session, which includes a snack and a golf instructor. PGCC will also provide the equipment.

“Kids can attend as often as they wish at the morning or evening sessions,” Teo added.

For enquiries and bookings, call 019-661 0487.

The Ponderosa Golf and Country Club. Pix courtesy of Ponderosa Golf and Country Club

The Introductory Golf Workshop is offered for children aged 6 to 12 at the Ponderosa Golf and Country Club in Johor Baru.

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