Greener BeeGreen GadgetsThese High-Tech Home Gadgets Are Saving The Planet

American households use about 320 gallons of water per day, and studies show that up to one-third of that goes toward maintaining a lush, green yard. This can be super wasteful—especially in dryer states like Utah and California. Outside of looking into alternatives like AstroTurf or stonescaping, homeowners can use smart irrigation systems to reduce their water waste.

Smart irrigation systems can save up to 8,800 gallons of water per home annually. One example is the Skydrop control system, which is connected to the internet and can stay up to date with local weather forecasts. It knows not to water your lawn during a downpour or right after a storm. It also uses technology to maintain healthy moisture in your soil—not too damp, not too dry, just right. You can even program it to help your specific plants avoid wilting or rotting and absorb proper nutrients.

Here are a few more genius products that can vastly reduce your home’s footprint.

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