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Galaxy Note 7

Yesterday we heard that one of the replacement Galaxy Note 7 handsets apparently caught fire, the device was owned by Brian Green and it caught fire on a Southwest Airlines flight before it took off.

The flight had to be evacuated and now US Regulators are looking into the issue. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission is investigating this new case of a Note 7 fire.

Samsung had previously worked with the CPSC for the recall of the Galaxy Note 7 devices, the CPSC had the following to say about the incident.

CPSC is moving expeditiously to investigate this incident,” said a emailed statement from Commission Chairman Elliot F. Kaye sent to The Verge. “Thankfully, reports indicate that all of the passengers were able to make it off the plane without harm. Agency staff has already reached out to the FAA and Samsung to gather the facts about the incident.” The CPSC will also talk to Brian Green, the owner of the phone who spoke to The Verge earlier today “who experienced a serious incident with his phone” according to the statement.

If this does turn out to be one of the replaced Note 7 handsets which is supposed to be safe, then this could be bad news for Samsung.

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