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Xiaomi India has announced an initiative to take promote recycling of useless and old electronic products. The company has come in alliance with the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India’s e-waste (Management) Rules, 2016 to empower the green initiative.

Users can contribute their part by participating the e-waste recycle programme. You can also contribute by heading to the Xiaomi India website and fill out a form. The company will arrange a pick up of the waste product free of cost, and you can also head to a Mi service center to drop your old smartphone.

The program is only for recycling the products that have reached end of life cycle and non functional. This program does not support any sort of repairs, and exchange

To make this initiative successful, TES-AMM India is offering e-waste management solutions. So as we have already told how you can participate in the programme, let’s take a quick glance at other possible queries for the same.

What can you recycle?

Under E-Waste Management Handling Rules 2016, Xiaomi will accept all mobile phones, power banks, chargers, speakers, headphones, and other electronic waste. The company does not restrict the products from any other manufacturer. It is advised to erase all the data on your device before handing it over for recycling.

Will you get any monetary benefits in return of the e-waste?

You won’t get any cash in return, but will get a coupon worth Rs 100 for every pickup request added to the registered Mi account once the device is picked up from the location. The coupon will be applicable on minimum purchase value of Rs 1000, but only on Mi accessories. The customers will get the coupon within 14 days of the pickup date.

What’s the timeframe for the pickup?

Xiaomi’s authorised recycler will contact the user within 7 days. The submitted request will be processed and the device will be collected within 15 days of raising the request. The collection time may differ depending on the location and reach. If you do not receive a response within 15 days, you can contact the authorised e-recycler or e-mail your query to

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