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If you look around quickly, we’ve entered what we like to call in the business the two-month stretch. It’s something that lasts, oh, some years about eight weeks, and others about 60 days – depending on where the moon falls, the stars align and the pumpernickel is scattered. But I digest.

From about the Fourth of July – which landed on July 4 this year – and Labor Day – which will fall in the crevice between the last Cape traffic jam and the pre-school opening stomachache – there is a period absent of any holidays. Even the holidays take a vacation from the holidays.

Interestingly, or perhaps not quite, the British go “on holiday” when they go on vacation. Americans do not go “on vacation” when they observe a holiday, but that’s mainly because we’re just so happy not to go to work that we’re not paying attention.

But the point is, a couple of months is a long time to go between holidays. Especially when we’re looking for something to occupy ourselves when we’re at the beach. So I’m pretty sure we need a mid-summer holiday in there somewhere to break up the season-long monotony of not paying attention to the office.

The other day – or maybe it was the day before that – someone mentioned that it was National Vanilla Ice Cream Day. Of course, I’d have absolutely no idea how to celebrate it, but I’m glad Congress is working on legislation to turn things around.  

It was a fractious battle, with the chocolate lobby pulling out all stops to prevent what they called the “blanding-down of America.” After an amendment to permanently change “sprinkles” to “jimmies” was narrowly defeated, the Cone supporters broke with the Cup Only Please contingent. The members realized the state of contention when the bill’s sponsor threatened to change it to Rum Raisin Day.

After this debacle, and on second thought, maybe we should just stick with the allotted amount of holidays we now have.  I mean, America only can take so much.

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