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Australia-born skin-care brand Aesop doesn’t launch new products very often. The incredibly chic line of body, skin, and hair products is well-edited and strategically curated based on common concerns and gorgeous scents, and the packaging is as minimal and sophisticated as the stores you buy the products in. Point is, you won’t find Aesop launching something just because every other brand is, which can be quite refreshing in today’s saturated beauty market. But the brand is, in fact, bringing a new product to the table, the Redemption Body Scrub—and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

The scented body scrub, which gets its gentle grit from a mix of pumice and bamboo stem and comes in a soft, gray tube, in my opinion, makes a great holiday gift, especially for a man on your list, be it your dad, husband, coworker, or brother. Like all Aesop products, this scrub is unisex, but when the brand gave us a sneak peek of the product (I’ve been testing it for the past week), the first thing that popped into my head was, “This would make a great beauty gift idea!” Not only is it sophisticated and practical (meaning it won’t get stuffed under the bed or buried under the bathroom sink), but it’s also luxurious. (And I can’t imagine most dudes splurging on a $35 scrub on their own.)

In addition to the particles of pumice and bamboo stem, the body scrub also contains pine- and fir-needle oils, giving it a clean, earthy, slightly smoky scent that smells quite masculine without being expected or cheesy (think worn leather boots and a crisp winter breeze versus frat boys and Chubbies). But these evergreen ingredients don’t just give the scrub it’s sexy eau. “Aside from the exfoliation benefits, Redemption Body Scrub also contains a gentle cleanser and essential oils—fir and pin needles, sage, cedar, close, and rosemary—known for their mild disinfecting and deodorizing properties,” says Kate Forbes, Aesop’s general manager of products and research and development. So not only is it transforming your shower into a fancy forest and softening your dry patches, but it’s also washing away dirt and bacteria at the same time.

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