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Plans for a watersports centre in Dundee’s City Quay have been approved, despite opposition from local businesses.

Foxlake Adventures, the company behind the project, are now aiming to open the wakeboarding centre this summer.

The Dunbar-based outdoor activity company hope to offer wakeboarding lessons and group experiences and several ancillary outdoor activities.

A wakeboarder.© DC Thomson
A wakeboarder.

However, the plans had attracted criticism, including from the nearby Apex Hotel, which submitted a formal objection to the proposals.

The hotel’s general manager Brett Davidge said the centre would “destroy the uninterrupted Quayside views our guests enjoy so much”.

In its report to Dundee City Council, Foxlake admits the site layout will have “some impact” on the bar/dining experience at the Apex, but said “every effort has been made to maximise the remaining views available from the bar and restaurant”.

It added: “The bar and a large section of the main restaurant maintains a view over the dock.

“It is suggested that the activity being delivered will prove attractive as a spectator attraction to Apex customers.”

The application was formally lodged by Dundee City Council itself, with Foxlake being a tenant.

Businessman says City Quay wakeboarding plans need to be altered to avoid ‘ugliness and disaster’

Callum Mark, one of the directors of Foxlake, said: “I’m absolutely delighted.

“The process has taken a year and a half to two years so it’s great to be at this stage.

“We are hoping to open for this summer. We don’t have a date yet but for the summer holidays or thereabouts.

“Our focus at the moment is the wakeboarding and pushing participation for that for females and young people in Dundee.”

The Victoria Docks base will include support accommodation, a harbour gangway, west harbour access pontoons and two wakeboard tows.

The activity is spectator-orientated and it is thought it will attract large crowds for competition events.

Wakeboarding is a surface sport in which the participant rides a small board over the water.

The board itself is small, thin and mostly rectangular, with very little displacement and shoe-like bindings mounted to it.

It was developed from a combination of water skiing, snowboarding, and surfing techniques.

Surfers paradise Dundee City Quay could be home to wakeboarding watersports centre

Foxlake currently offers the sport at an East Lothian base, and plans to bring further activities to its new Dundee centre, including a rope-themed adventure course across the water.

The plans have been met warmly on social media, with one person posting: “Brilliant news guys, finally gonna make use of an underused facility/part of the city and by a company that knows what’s it doing.”

Another added: “Awesome news and well done to the Foxlake team.

“Great to see the Scottish wakeboard scene grow.”

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