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Ramadan would’ve been more challenging this year considering the 15 hours long fasts in longer and hotter days that Oman has been experiencing.

Hence, the week-long Eid holidays should be an ideal opportunity for you to getaway from the heat in the city and cool off in the beautiful wilderness of Oman where the temperature is at least below boiling point, unlike elsewhere in the country.

You will be surprised to find out how Oman’s varied terrain makes sure that not all parts of the country experience the same kind of weather.

While some areas like the deserts may be dry and hot, others like the Dhofar governorate may be wet and humid, It might be breezy and cool up in the mountains and just annoyingly hot down in the city. So here is a list of places that could be in you Eid destination list this year.

Jebel Shams

The country’s highest mountain is a place that you should visit during the raging summer as, you know, the higher you go the cooler it gets. And it applies to Jabal Shams too. You can camp out on one the peaks or just enjoy a casual afternoon picnic enjoying the gorgeous view or if you are in the mood for some physical activities then go hiking along the trail.

Jebel Akhdar

The Green Mountains is the popular haven and the perfect escape for all those living in the cities. With the best hotels, great camping spots, and amazing cultural things to do (visit the rosewater village or the falaj), Jebel Akhdar offers a lot during the summers, when the temperatures is up to 20 degrees cooler, to tourists and visitors .

Wadi Bani Khalid

While driving to Wadi Bani Khalid you might not think that you are being led to any place cooler, but once you get there you will be pleasantly delighted to see the wide wadis surrounded by towering mountains. Jump straight into the clear pool and beat the heat with a fun swim amidst nature.


A trip to Salalah will be a much needed break from the life in any other part of Oman. Mid-summer in Muscat is Monsoon season in Salalah. Hence the temperatures are way lower, and it is wet and cloudy. This place is a must-visit especially during the Khareef season when there are various events and activities related to the harvest season happening across Salalah.

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