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With the winter chill setting in across South Africa, those summer babies amongst you are probably dreaming of long, sunny days sipping drinks on white sandy beaches. Mzansi’s own summer will be back soon, but what’s life without a little bit of dreaming, right?

We know the South African passport gets a bad rap, but there are some amazing places around the world you can visit with your green mamba, without needing a visa – or where you can get a visa on arrival or an e-visa that doesn’t require much faffing.

So, if you’re hankering for a little bit of sunshine, let your mind run wild and plan your next vacation.

Note: All visa information was correct at the time of writing. But if you do end up trekking to one of these places, please check to confirm that it is still correct. We’ve used Lonely Planet as a guide for budgets.

  1. Réunion

    Vicente Villamón / Flickr

    It’s not a cheap visit, Lonely Planet recommends around R1500 per person per day for a pretty standard experience. Still, who needs luxury when you have this view?

  2. Seychelles

    flowcomm / flickr

    Seychelles is one of the cheaper places to fly to, but again, not all that cheap once you’re there. Worth dreaming, though, right?

  3. Tanzania

    PROMathias Apitz (München) / flickr

    Zanzibar is an old favourite for beach lovers and if you’re willing to camp, you can find accommodation for about R200 a day.

  4. Trinidad and Tobago

    Edmund Gall / flickr

    Expensive to fly to, expensive once you get there, but the Caribbean is one of the most stunning places on earth. And hey, this list is all about day dreaming.

  5. Sri Lanka

    Iris Liu / flickr

    You need an e-visa for Sri Lanka, but it’s one of the best budget options on this list. You can get a return flight for around R6000 and on a tight budget, you can get away with around R600 a day per person for bed and board.

  6. Cayman Islands

    KatieThebeau / flickr

    Okay, Cayman is another one of the very pricey options on our list,  but come on…


  7. Mauritius

    Mark Fischer / flickr

    Mauritius is absolutely worth saving up for.


  8. Malaysia

    Jutta M. Jenning / flickr

    Here’s a cheaper option for you. Return flights will be the most expensive part of the trip – expect to pay around R9000, but once you’re there, food and accommodation budget options start at around R400 per day.

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