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National_Green_Juice_DaySEATTLE, WA — Just when you thought the holidays were over, National Green Juice Day is back, and this year Evolution Fresh is offering a veggie-centric way to join their inspirational, annual green juice celebration. On Thursday, January 26, Evolution Fresh invites customers to “take a sip in a brighter direction” and celebrate National Green Juice Day with free green juice deliveries – your first sip is on us!

Evolution Fresh is teaming up with Postmates to deliver a pack of three free, 11 fl. oz. bottles of cold-pressed, high pressure processed Smooth Greens Kale to customers in 10 select cities across the country.

  • When: January 26, beginning at 1 p.m. local time, while supplies last
  • Where: To order, visit
  • Participating Cities: Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, Washington DC, Miami, Phoenix, Orange County, San Diego

Evolution Fresh established National Green Juice Day in 2016 as a way to encourage people to keep their wellness resolutions in the New Year, after finding that 53 percent of Americans have already broken their New Year’s resolutions by the end of January and that staying fit and healthy is a top resolution. This year, at a time when eight out of ten (81%) Americans have made an effort to eat more fruits and vegetables1, Evolution Fresh is inspiring people to thrive by helping them take those small sips toward a healthier way of living.

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