Greener BeeGreen HolidaysFamilies living near Sneyd Green school: ‘Why did traffic wardens fine us during half-term holiday?’

Families who campaigned for restrictions to stop school-run parents parking in their street are furious – after their own cars were slapped with tickets during the half-term holiday.

They successfully won their fight to ban parking outside Sneyd Green Primary School between 8.30am and 9.30am after blaming parents for the traffic chaos.

But they were stunned to find parking tickets on their own cars during the recent whit holiday.

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It comes as more than 800 people have signed a petition calling for a car park to ease the Sneyd Street traffic problems.

Now ward councillor Mohammed Pervez is backing the residents who are appealing against their fines.

PICTURED: Sneyd Green Primary School.

Businesswoman Nicky Morris, aged 49, of Sneyd Street, said: “Every morning, outside my house there are normally cars parked on the pavements, despite the restricted parking. It’s always been the same.

“During the half-term holiday, we came out of our house at 9.19am. Two traffic wardens had gone up and down the street and any residents who had parked outside their homes were ticketed.

“We are aware it is restricted parking – but it has always been the case that in the school holidays we can park outside our homes.

“There is land next to the school which is ideal for a car park and the council says it has been in talks with the owners of that land.

“There should be enforcement during school times, when the problems are happening – and not during half-term.”

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Retired Jim Brown says Sneyd Street residents should not be targeted by traffic wardens.

The 69-year-old, of Sneyd Street, said: “These problems need to be sorted out. There should be enforcement during term time every day. We’ve lived here for 40 years and this is the worst it’s been.”

Mr Pervez is taking the matter up with Stoke-on-Trent City Council.

He said: “I am surprised the council has actually ticketed residents who live on the street because they have been calling for something to be done to resolve the parking issues there.

“Clearly there is a problem with parking in the street and it needs sorting out. But I don’t see why the council needs to issue parking tickets to residents during half-term.

“The whole point of the restriction is to prevent irresponsible parking by parents dropping their children off at the school. This seems to be a double whammy for the residents. I will take the matter up with the council to make sure this kind of nonsense is stopped straight away.”

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Enforcement officers have visited Sneyd Street nine times this year and taken action against drivers who parked illegally.

Ian Tamburello, the council’s strategic manager for enforcement and operations, said: “As term times can vary between schools and areas, the clearest and simplest rule is for restrictions to be enforced every day as stated on the signs, regardless of term time. This makes sure motorists never park in an area which could cause danger for children and there is no confusion around when the restrictions apply.

“If any person presents us with evidence that they were served with a parking penalty notice unfairly we will always review the case and if appropriate happily cancel the notice. We have a straightforward and thorough appeals process.”

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