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It is truly fascinating to see the thousands and thousands of fish swimming in the tanks at the Fountain Green State Fish Hatchery located northwest of Fountain Green at 1600 West Fish Hatchery Road.

Raising fish is a year-round project and always in demand because most reservoir fisheries are heavily used and not able to sustain themselves through natural recruitment or reproduction of the fish in the pond.

So the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) has implemented a management program dependent on stocking hatchery-reared fish statewide. The Fountain Green facility is just one of the division’s hatcheries.

This is a great location to bring the whole family as it provides an opportunity to view some of Utah’s fish species close up and a sense of the work that must go into stocking Utah’s lakes and streams.

To grow healthy fish requires clean water and one of the things Fountain Green is well-known for is its clean, pure water. The water comes from an artesian spring that flows from the base of the San Pitch Mountain range known as “The Big Springs.”

This spring is the source of water for the hatchery and is channeled through multiple tanks where the fish grow and are separated by size.

The Fountain Green hatchery raises 1,000,000 fish or about 180,000 pounds of trout yearly. Species include Rainbow, Cutthroat and Tiger Trout. The fish raised here are used to stock primarily the lakes and reservoirs in the region along with other waters throughout the state.

Visitors are welcome to drop in between the hours of 8 a.m.-4 p.m., seven days of the week and on holidays.

When traveling on Highway 132 between Nephi and Fountain Green watch for the signs just north of Fountain Green.

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