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The holidays are around the corner and now is the time to start getting in shape, because you know you are going to be enjoying those seasonal goodies.


Joining us this morning is Adam Dorner- a personal trainer from Xperience Fitness with some advice to help us out.

What is the Xperience Fitness unstoppable journey.

“The XF Unstoppable Journey is a customized plan that the fitness professional will put together for each individual based on their goals.  We will set up a nutritional plan to guide you with the right food choices, the proper amount of calories and the necessary supplements to fill in the gaps, set up an efficient cardio and resistance training plan with the proper technique and progressions to continue to challenge you through all the way to your goal!”

There are three phases to losing weight: what is the the first, phase anatomical adaptation?

“Anatomical Adaptation is always the first phase in every program we design.  We want to make sure you each individual can perform the proper form, eliminate any muscle imbalances or tight muscles to make sure we are ready for the muscle building phase.  We always want to start with a full body assessment to see where your starting points are with each exercise so that we can customize a program for you whether you are a beginner or a veteran.”

How can folks do this at home?

“The key is to start slow and start with body weight exercises.  Some things that you can do at home are planks, v ups, body weight squat to chair, incline push up on against a table, or split squat or lunge in the comfort of your own home.  Make sure to use proper form!”

Next is the hypertrophy phase- what is that?

“Hypertrophy phase is where we will focus on building lean body mass.  In this phase we will be changing your body composition to build more lean muscle and burn body fat.  We will slow the tempo of the workout and give your muscles more time to recover.  We also want to increase the number of calories we consume each day as well.  We will work on progressing exercises to the next level so can’t prevent any chance of plateaus”

How can people do that at home?

“You can do alot of the same things at home for exercises but like I said make sure you keep challenging yourself each week.  Adding more sets or reps to fatigue your muscles.”

Next is the fat burning phase.

“The Fat Burning phase is an exciting phase and yes Chelly you are now in that phase.  I think you’ve seen some of the changes with this phase.  We increase the tempo of our workout with a little less break times in between each workout and we also increase the set and reps of each exercise.  Like always we challenging you in every phase with new progressions of each exercise to avoid that plateau.  Needless to say this is a very challenging phase but it is also very rewarding because if you feel you haven’t seen as much change on the scale as you expected up to this point then you will see it now.  We will bring the calorie intake down again and really increase you metabolism!”

How to do it at home?

“With the Fat Burning phase we need to incorporate High Intensity Interval Training for cardio and in your workouts.  Now this doesn’t mean the we have to do a bunch of burpees or fly up an down the stairs.  Basically what we need to do is get your heart rate up to the high end of your target heart rate and then bring it back down to the low end.  We can do that by walking at a higher incline and then a low incline or swimming a lap and then walking a lap to name a few examples.”
How to follow my unstoppable journey- or sign up for a trainer?  

“You can find us on facebook,, or you can stop in at any of our location in Green Bay, Appleton, Menasha and now also Howard!  Every new member will get set up with a Jump Start session to talk about their goals, barriers and a plan to reach their goals.”

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