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With the holidays just around the corner, I have decided to check my “I want” list … twice.

Why do I need to check my own list, and even re-evaluate my gifting efforts? As we step back and appreciate what this time of year means, we can also try to be “green.”

What is on your “I want” list? Start at the top and ask these questions about each item:

  • Do I (we) need this item?
  • Is it practical, not easily broken and will it last?
  • How often must we replace it?
  • Do we have something similar?
  • Is there space for it?

If we adults are to be green about the holidays, we should also incorporate a red stop sign. Stop and take a hard look at yourself as a consumer.

I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer at this joyful time of year. However, as with all my purchases, I want to make sure I am bringing nontoxic items into my home. I want to make sure it is made of sustainable materials and is efficient. A conversation with your spouse/housemate/parents is also important at this point.

Now, kids, let’s talk about your requests to Santa. With help from an adult in your household, write your list, making sure you put the gift you want most at the top. As you prioritize your wants, keep in mind that you may not get everything on your list.

Let’s try similar questions to create a holiday list filled with gifts that will be safe for you:

  • Do I have a similar toy?
  • Can I play with someone else’s?
  • Is it safe for my age group?
  • Will I agree to take care of it?

This time of year is special for each member of the family. Keep in mind your goals: to work toward a smaller footprint, bring safe and sustainable items into your home, and buy only what you need.

So in the spirit of the holidays, greet this season with joy — and with love for your family and the environment.

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