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Green is not the most popular color in the baking world, but several bakeries in Longview are selling a variety of green-colored treats in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

Edible Art Specialty Cakes and Cookies has already begun its annual process of creating more than 400 St. Patrick’s Day cookies, all shaped like four-leaf clovers with Irish-themed designs.

“That’s the one time you can get away with green food, for St. Paddy’s Day, because in the baking world, green is a big no-no,” said Debbie Fontaine, owner of Edible Art.

Fontaine said the bakery tries to come up with treats for almost every major holiday, including Easter, Halloween and the Fourth of July. Typically, Edible Art makes several thousand cookies for popular holidays, such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas, but St. Patrick’s Day is not as popular.

“The people that buy these are usually business people, they’re wishing a coworker good luck or something,” Fontaine said. “But you can give them an edible four-leaf clover, which I think is so cool.”

Alisha Jackson, decorating manager at Edible Art, said she likes working there because Fontaine lets her be creative with her decorations.

“Cookies aren’t as fun because of how many you have to do,” Jackson said. “But I love sculpting.”

Fontaine said Jackson will usually come up with a green cupcake or some other green-colored treat for the week of St. Patrick’s Day. Jackson said she has even made leprechaun cookies in the past.

Another bakery in Longview is creating a variety of St. Paddy’s Day treats in celebration of the holiday.

La Cabane de Dessert will be making shamrock-shaped and green-sprinkled macarons, a French-style sandwich cookie filled with different flavors of buttercream icing. The bakery also is making green sugar cookies and key lime and Irish crème cupcakes, along with other treats drizzled with died green white chocolate.

“Any time we do any different macaron, they sell really well,” said Denna Miller, owner of La Cabane de Dessert and Create Art, the art studio next door.

Head pastry chef and decorator Calli Miller Clanton said Valentine’s Day and Thanksgiving are the holidays where the bakery sees the most demand. The bakery makes everything entirely from scratch, so all orders must be called in ahead of time and custom-made, Clanton said.

“Macarons are the most time-consuming,” she said. “It usually takes all day to make 60 or 70.”

Like Edible Art, La Cabane tries to hit every main holiday in terms of creating holiday-themed items.

“Everybody wants something sweet on a holiday,” Clanton said.

Both bakeries will be selling green-colored treats up until St. Patrick’s Day. For information, visit and

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