Greener BeeGreen HolidaysLots of green on St. Patrick’s Day, for both businesses and customers

GREENVILLE, NC (WNCT)- There were celebrations all across the East for St. Patrick’s Day. The Irish holiday is a cultural and religious celebration. While many are wearing green, business hope to cash in on another type of green that will affect their bottom line.

Trollingwood owner Justin Smithwick said, “It might be the Christmas or the thanksgiving, but it’s a great holiday.”

St. Patrick’s day is a day for drinks and dancing. If your open for business, it’s also a day for dollars.

“It is great for business, I love drinking holidays,” Smithwick said.

At Trollingwood in Greenville, you’ll find green beer and great music. A couple miles away at AJ McMurphy’s, you’ll just find lots of people. The owner says this is his busiest day of the year. So busy he didn’t even have time for an interview.

Then there’s the folks who choose to stay a little more low key

“I never got the appeal of turning beers green,” Uptown Brewing owner Benjamin Self said.

So no green beer there, but still a packed house at Uptown Brewing in Greenville.

No matter where you choose to spend the holiday, business owners say it’s all green to them.

“Friday’s are always great, but when it is, when it’s any kind of holiday like this, it’s going to be double the volume.”

It’s estimated Americans will spend five billion today to celebrate St. Patrick’s day. This is according to the National Retail Federation.

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