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One of the reasons why India features on the bucket list of several globetrotters is its diverse terrain. India has a wide range of amazing destinations ranging from hill stations to beaches and religious sites to historic ones. But one of the things that stands out of this country is the monsoon season. For four months, India receives heavy rainfall in most regions turning them to lush green havens. One such destination which is an absolute delight during the monsoon season is Coorg in Karnataka. When it comes to monsoon destinations in India, Coorg may actually be your best bet. Located at an altitude of 3500 ft, Coorg has earned sobriquets like ‘Scotland of India’ and ‘Kashmir of the south’. Here are a few reasons why you must visit Coorg in monsoon 2017.

Lush greenery during monsoon



Several monsoon places in India become lush green bounties of beauty during monsoon and Coorg is on top of that list. There are few destinations that provide natural scenic beauty and pleasant weather like Coorg does. Located in the Western Ghats, Coorg is abundant in breathtaking landscapes that are a sight to behold.

Coorg has some of the finest coffee and tea plantations



Coorg is most famous for its tea and coffee plantations. These plantations make for beautiful backdrops in the marvelous weather during monsoon. Imagine taking long walks exploring a tea plantation or sipping a hot cuppa as you view a vast green expanse of the plantation.

Resorts like Orange County


Since Coorg is such a big tourist attraction, it is home to some fine holiday resorts, prime among which is the lavish Orange County. Located in the lap of nature, Orange County is an ideal place to spend thew weekend with your family (it’s on the expensive side though).

Coorg has an intriguing historic background


It is easy to get so blown away by Coorg’s natural beauty that you forget about its intriguing history. Coorg or Kodagu has been the kingdom of several south Indian dynasties like the Kadambas, Gangas, Cholas, Chalukyas, Rastrakutas, Hoysalas and the Vijaynagar Rayas.

Nearby tourist attractions


Coorg is surrounded by stunning locales like Madikeri which is known for its dense forests and waterfalls, and Bylakuppe which is a wonderful Buddhist settlement known for its serene ambiance. NOW SEE Offbeat Monsoon Destinations Near Mumbai That Nobody Knows About

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