Greener BeeGreen HolidaysMy brother Danny Willett has benefited enormously from my sage advice – by ignoring it

He’d be surrounded by “lads”, stuffed on Nando’s, having “banter”. But he didn’t care; if you tried to tell him how thick he’d become, he would switch off. Yet if you dared to mention that you didn’t consider Tiger Woods to be a proper athlete he would actually swing for you! (He once tried to kick me in the spine when I said that golf was more a game than a sport.) I advised Danny to rethink his A-level choices – he responded by dropping out of college altogether.

Danny’s reputation as a promising amateur golfer grew, and he was offered a scholarship to a number of American universities. Despite ignoring all my previous advice about education, his golfing ability had presented him with an opportunity to get a degree. Danny needed to pick a field of study that meant when the golf thing didn’t work out, he would still be able to get a respectable job, maybe as a golf coach… or better yet, in an office. 

Due to how organised the American university golf circuit was, I was always able to follow his progress online. All of a sudden, victories started flooding in, followed by rookie of the year awards and all-star team nominations. I remember having a phone call where I told him to treasure the experience; his past success as a brilliant amateur golfer would become a fond memory he could relay to his children. I advised him to concentrate on his final year of university and get the best grade possible – he responded by quitting university.

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