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I love celebrating holidays, it doesn’t matter how big or small the occasion is. From doing community service and visiting the King Center on MLK Day, to wearing a costume on Halloween, I really enjoy finding different ways to celebrate holidays. Adding kids to the equation has made it even more rewarding.

Since I’ve been a mom, I love holidays even more, especially the ones at the end of the year. I’m that mom who wants her kids to have Halloween costumes that complement each other. On the first Halloween after Gavin was born, Ethan was Daniel Tiger and Gavin was Tigey (Daniel Tiger’s favorite toy). This year Ethan will be Batman and Gavin will be Robin, I know it’s a bit corny, but I’m still going to do it! They’ll get to wear their costumes at school for trunk-or-treat, and again to knock on about five neighbors’ doors for trick-or-treating.

Thanksgiving is fun because Ethan loves to help me bake, so I’ll let him assist with pumpkin muffins, cookies and cakes. It’s also fun to do a craft project like creating a centerpiece for the table. Another thing I enjoy is making things for my kids to handout to their friends. It’s never anything too extravagant because I’m a pretty busy person. Most times I’ll just purchase little baggies, add treats, and tie on a cute label that I printed from Pinterest. Although Gavin is too young to care, Ethan really enjoys assisting me when we are making things for his friends. These things sometimes take an incredible amount of detail. As Ethan get’s older I can see he is more and more interested.

I’m really looking forward to Christmas this year! I plan to fully participate with The Elf on the Shelf to make sure Ethan maintains good behavior so the elf doesn’t tell Santa to add him to the naughty list. I’m excited to decorate the tree with my kids and make Christmas cookies.

There was a period of time in my life where I didn’t really give some holidays any thought at all. Of course I appreciated getting together with family on Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I didn’t really care to celebrate any of the smaller holidays. Now that I’m a mom I find myself making green eggs and ham on Dr. Seuss’ birthday, painting trees on Arbor day, and making American flag cookies on Flag Day.

I’m looking forward to many more years of holiday fun while my kids are too young to realize their mom is a fanatic. 

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Naeemah Ford Goldson is a mother of two boys who lives in Atlanta but is originally from Omaha. She’s the owner of Restore Order Professional Organizing, LLC. Read more posts from Naeemah »

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