Greener BeeGreen HolidaysNational anthem will be a storyline during Bears-Packers TV coverage

The pregame playing of the national anthem will be included in CBS’s and NFL Network’s simulcast coverage of the Bears-Packers prime-time matchup Thursday night, a CBS Sports spokesman said Wednesday.

Whether the decision by Packers management to urge those attending the nationally televised game at Lambeau Field to lock arms during the anthem in a show of unity played a role in that decision or was a response to it was not clear.

Customary playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner” before NFL games has become notable in the last year as then-Niners quarterback Colin Kaepernick and then others opted not to stand in order to bring attention to racial discrimination and police brutality.

The newsworthiness and number of participants in the demonstrations grew exponentially after President Donald Trump spoke out against the protests and protesters late last week, which he has continued to do since.


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